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Who We Are In the United States, CEMTX offers the best quality cement, aggregates, concrete products and construction services that have been the foundation for infrastructure projects across the globe. We are a quality cement provider. Supplying the USA with its high demand in top ASTM quality cement. We expect that the market will continue to grow given the increased demand for infrastructure development.

CEMTX Overview “CEMTX ” Owner and Management both having over two decades of experience in the Industry, began this Small Company amidst some of the industry’s Giants and during a major U.S. Pandemic. Having been able to stand their ground while others were closing their local offices, “CEMTX” has continued growing their customer base and margins every quarter placing their expertise against the odds. CEMTX Services now operates in several Major Plays across Texas where the focus on Customer Service, Quality Product and Excelled Workmanship with On-time Performance has driven them to the top of their class. With the CEMTX exemplary reputation and our strategic relationships in the industry, we are now positioned to expand our Company and our customer base to an all time high during this exciting new wave of economic, cement and construction product energy growth.

Our Values Having quality, cement bagged, or bulk quality checked every time and limestone together for supply to our customers.

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21 Waterway Ave. Ste 300, The Woodlands TX, 77380

Shane Henderson
+1 407 341 6005

Eliane Henderson
+1 407 579 1445
Filipe França
+1 407 341 6005


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Please feel free to contact us: 21 Waterway Ave. Ste 300, The Woodlands TX, 77380
Shane Henderson - shane@cemtxsystems.com
+1 407 341 6005
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